Kari Adams Designer

my wedding shoes and bouquet

Named for my own wedding date and my grandparent’s anniversary date, April 24th, my shop is filled with special items for your special day.

We make your “something old” something spectacular. Using your personal mementos, especially heirloom buttons, along with our vintage fabric, felt and trimmings we make personal bridal accessories including bouquets, ring pillows, headbands and fascinators and our signature “button-ieres.”

Each piece is one of a kind, handmade by me. I work with the client’s style and theme of their wedding and use old fashioned techniques – embroidery and wire wrapping – to make a perfectly modern conversation piece.

Every piece is significant, because they all incorporate personal items. From grandpop’s military coat buttons, to mom’s lace handkerchief, all of April24’s pieces are infused with family memories and take their place as new heirlooms.

All of April24’s pieces are made to last, so you can start a new tradition!